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Deemann Brewery
Deemann beer workshopR relies on Qingdao Deemann beer technology equipment Co., Ltd. to produce full set of brewery equipment at home and abroad, comply with Germany's 1516 "pure beer method", without any supplementary materials, and brew all the yeast type whole malt beer with all the heart.

In the fall of 2009, the famous German beer brewing equipment company technology cooperation company, more than 30 years of domestic senior beer brewing equipment experts, and the Tsingtao Brewery 50 years wine expert Trinity in one of the three in one cooperation, the heart of research, design and construction, brewing machinery and wine art integration, to meet the wine maker's requirements of the dream factory. After three years in 2012, it was completed and put into operation, and the fresh beer "food production license" was obtained in December 2012. After three years of hard work and expansion of production, the "food production license" of bottled ripe beer was finally obtained in January 2016. As a result, a small beer brewing factory was registered to R beer brewing.

DEEMANN series of brewed beer - the production of small brewery equipment in the 5000L/ pot, carefully selected raw materials, fine technological brewing beer, to provide good conditions for the wine maker to play the artistic personality of the brewers, each pot of wine 296ML*24 bottles / boxes only more than 600 boxes, especially suitable for the manufacture of small batch and multiple breeds of beer. It refuses the high concentration dilution process of industrial large beer production and eliminates additives that pursue industrial standardization. It follows the German pure beer method to draw the spirit of American fine brew, brew and freely imagine brew brewers and plant spices by the classic craft.