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About Us
Nterprise culture of Qingdao Deemann Beer Technology Equipment Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Deemann founder, with 35 years to serve China's large beer group brewing system for the accumulation, deep ploughing fine brewed beer for 8 years, craftsman type fine brewed beer industry chain enterprises, dedicated to the construction of "Qingdao de Man brewery product" fine brewed beer platform, to become the source of professional Brewery Beer source of high-end brewery In order to provide a healthy, delicate, colorful and joyful product for the public, the living values of "integrity, responsibility, responsibility, responsibility, precision, innovation and win-win" are provided to make life more rich and more abundant.

Qingdao Deemann Company Mission:

To provide healthy, exquisite, colorful and joyful products and services to the public, and make life more colorful.
For employees and partners to provide dedicated, music, sharing, win-win platform, so that life is brilliant!

Qingdao Deemann Vision:

With the essence of "professional, ecological, fine, innovative" craftsman, we build small, beautiful and high viscosity enterprises to make the beer link happy life resources, provide customers with excess value service, and make the consumers proud of me, making Qingdao de Man a brand of key Kang drink which is praised by consumers.

Integrity, Responsibility, Responsibility, Meticulous, Innovation And Win win.