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About Us

Qingdao Deemann Beer Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in June 16, 1999. Since its establishment, the company has worked with German HUPPMANN company (the famous European beer saccharifying equipment manufacturer). After many years of hard work, it has continued to cooperate, study, study and make progress, and the mature understanding and design of beer brewing technology. With the accumulation of actual work in manufacturing, construction, commissioning and production, Deemann has become one of the best suppliers of beer saccharification system in china, pioneer of chinese saccharification system technological innovation, and a pioneer in the establishment of china's beer equipment market model.

Qingdao Deemann beer technical equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional design and manufacturing company of beer saccharification equipment system. It is a professional supplier of research, design, manufacture, installation, debugging, and cross key engineering of beer saccharification system equipment. Since the establishment of the company, more than 100 sets of saccharification equipment have been produced for domestic beer group, and the users are all over the domestic beer groups, such as Beijing Yanjing Beer Group, Beijing Asahi Breweries Ltd, Tsingtao Brewery group, Chongqing beer group, Lhasa beer, Fujian Tianjin Tianjin, inbeb Budweiser, Carlsberg, Huarun snowflake and so on. The country of beer has made outstanding achievements.

The Deemann beer workshop is our company investment about ten million yuan, since 2008 started the design plan. In the past four years, the research and construction of the domestic fine brew beer was built in the Qingdao Industrial Park, with the highest capacity of up to 10 thousand tons of beer, which covers only 2000M2, which uses a number of German patent technologies and is a beer production plant with energy saving and consumption reduction.

In the fall of 2009, the famous German beer brewing equipment company technology cooperation company, more than 30 years of domestic senior beer brewing equipment experts, and the Tsingtao Brewery for more than 50 years of wine making experts, have been concentrating on research, design, construction, brewing machinery and wine making to meet the dream factory required by the winemaker. After three years in 2012, it was completed and put into operation, and the fresh beer "food production license" was obtained in December 2012. After three years of hard work and expansion of production, the "food production license" of bottled ripe beer was finally obtained in January 2016. As a result, a small beer brewing factory was registered to R beer brewing.